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okay well this is probably common, my memory is suppose to be at 1333 instead its at liek 500 and something mhz.could soemoen give me a step by step process to get it to 1333?
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  1. wow noone can help me?
  2. How did you know it was running at 500 or so MHz? Can you give us more information? What specific brand of RAM is that? It's most likely the "base" clock speed of your memory, which you still need to multiply by 2. In my case, my memory is running at 640 Mhz, which means that it's 1280 Mhz (almost 1333, because that's the closest my CPU:DRAM ratio would allow) effectively.
  3. i have patriot memory extreme performace viper. also i knew because the cs that came with my motherboard has teh app on it that lets me check.
  4. Use CPU-Z (download at and run the application. Click on the "Memory" Tab, and check what "DRAM Frequency" is saying. Whatever is there, multiply it by 2 to get your effective frequency. In my case, it's showing 642.7 MHz. So my effective DDR3 frequency is 1285.4 MHz.
  5. okay so how do i change it?
  6. You have to fiddle around with your BIOS settings. It should be there, if you want to change it badly.
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