New network card not working (edimax-ew-7727in) Please enter

I have recently bought edimax-ew-7727in network card.
here it is:

but the problem is I can't get it work. And I'm not really sure what is the problem.

I think it's not compatible with my Asus p6t motherboard. Is it??

It maybe not, but I can see the back two leds are on, 1 green and the second one is orange (tx/rx).

the problem is I cant ebable the wirless network connection as the follow:

Everytime I right click and enable, It says enable for some time but it doesn't. Is it a driver issue? I installed the latest driver from their website for windows 7. didn't help

Please help me guys, I use windows 7 64-bit

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  1. Did you install it as per instructions (usually install driver first).

    Try another PCI slot (ignore the notches).

    If no joy, go into the motherboard's BIOS screens and disable any ports not in use -- COM, Midi/Game, Parallel Printer (if using USB printer). Then reboot Windows a couple of times to reassign resources.
  2. THANKS a lot mate , I already tried the second slot, But still the same

    I will disable the ports now, will let you know about the result.
  3. hi again .. that didn't solve the problem :S thanks very my much for the try

    I ran windows diagnone, And it says windows detected a problem with your driver.

    but that is strange, becoz it's the only driver for that card on their website for windows 7.
  4. Ah...Win 7...I might have known.

    Get onto Edimax, maybe they don't realise their new driver don't work ! If they can't solve it, get a refund.
  5. I already emailed them many times and said your windows 7 driver doesn't work. No responses.

    I will head to the shop that I bought this from (MSY) but I'm pretty sure they will ask to the manufacturer.

    how frustrating
  6. In most jurisdictions your contract is with the retailer not the manufacturer. A warranty is simply an agreement between retailer and manufacturer that the latter will take over liability during the first 12 months. It does not affect your right to claim replace, repair or refund from the retailer.

    If the staff at the shop doesn't understand that, demand to speak to someone in charge or at head office.
  7. yeah I know what you mean, But the card box doesn't contains anything about windows 7. He will simply say use it with vista or xp and you won't have any prob.

    i know their answer before I go to them.
  8. I would reply that Win 7 is the current operating system, as acknowledged by the fact that a Win 7 driver is provided -- and that it's no good directing you to obsolete operating systems to solve a problem with what they've sold you.

    The fact is that either the card or the card's Win 7 driver doesn't work -- thus it is not as described.

    Frankly it would be easier for them to find you an adapter which they think will work -- and if it doesn't maybe, then, they will have grounds for blaming you !
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