Gtx 295 issues

So about a month ago i build my first computer and everything was working great no problems what so ever but recently in games like Cod4
Age of conan and WOW my textures are really starting to like Bug out or sumthing my text are make like a blue checker bord or just like Black squares and alot of flickering i will post screenshots of what i mean
there ether blue like that or black and they flicker WOW or cod4 i can simply alt tab out of game and alt back back in and they go away

edit: sry my English is bad
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  1. we need more info, GPU temps, CpU temps, rest of your configuration (especially the amps on the 12v rails of the PSU), make/model of PSU
  2. My cpu temp is at 42c i7920 this is my powersupply
    forgot to say also i am runing sli with 2 gtx 295s
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