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well first let me start off by saying AHHHHHHH....ok now I am buying a computer off of CYBERPOWERPC and I am having trouble deciding what mobo I want, the person i was talking to basically didn't know what she was talking about and I have never built a computer from the ground up (and because of time issues I want to keep the computer that is being built at cyberpower) I am struggling between the MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3 AMD 790FX and the GigaByte GA-790XTA-UD4. I have no more money to put into the computer but the MSI board is cheaper and offers quad CrossfireX and the gigabyte does not. Is it better to have a quad crossfirex or a dual? I will only be displaying to one monitor maybe two in the future, the rig will be used mainly for gaming right now and in the future hopefully some 3d rendering tasks. I am really at a loss... I hope i put this in the right area lol Also I know this is off topic but if i end up canceling this order with cyberpower (which seems likely) what exactly do i need to build my own comp I know case,mobo, ram, cpu, gpu, psu dvd/cd drive, hdd, I missing something I also mean the little things too like do i need to buy the wires for the comp too or what?
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  1. This is old, but the basics are there and laid out pretty well.

    Both boards you listed are the 790 chipset which is top rated AMD chipset currently. The budget conscious buyer would be fine with the 790FX chip for less money. I suppose if you planned to lay out the money for four video cards the more expensive 790X chipset would be for you. Four cards in quad xfire is extreme.
  2. Thank you that sites actually helps me alot for if I decide to trash the cyberpower (they are a huge headache), If I do get quad cards though will it work just fine outputting to one or two monitors? I have heard that it is overkill and doesn't help as much...which i think it would because on one screen it would be split into 4 regions where each card works on independently thus increasing performance....I may be wrong its been a few years since I last did something like this haha
  3. Well, I've never used more than two monitors so I have no experience in that area.
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