Does exist a graphics boards which separate really 2 screens?

Hello All,

I'm a student in communication, and i have a little problem...
I am in search of a graphics board which will allow me to separate really 2 screens.
I possess these 2 screens

Samsung T260HD

Sensy LCD22Top

and I shall wish to use one vertically (Sensy) while keeping/preserving (sorry for my poor english) the option of division/sharing of screen which enlarges the working zone.

Know you a graphics board which will allow me to attribute the rotation to one of the screens, while offering the possibility of combining/organizing the 2 screens?

Thanks a lot for your help :)
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  2. I think any GeForce or ATi card could do that, as long as it has the proper connectors to your monitors. The combining and rotating of screens is on the Nvidia Control Panel for GeForce or Catalyst Control Center for ATi.
  3. This is what i want :

    You think all graphic cards do this?
  4. I've got hd4550, I'll take my brothers monitor for a while and let you know if thats possible, ok?
  5. thanks a lot :) i will wait ;)
  6. Hey, it's easy as a cake, all you need to do is plug the second monitor, in win7 you can do this by pressing right mouse button on the desktop and resolution. Then click identify and mark the monitor you want to rotate and rotate. If you have ATI card, you can do this in ATI Catalyst Control, too.
  7. I have geforce 6600 GT, and my OS is windows XP.

    Look my nvidia control panel, if i rotate a screen, i can't use dual screen, and if i use dual screen, i can't rotate.

  8. If i'm not mistaken you have old drivers, try to download new from and then see, im gonna look for some third party staff to do this.
  9. It's called Pivot Pro, however it's not freeware but I guess you will handle it;)
  10. I've been using dual monitors to multi-task for a number of years now, and would never go back to a single display. This always off a single adapter.

    As far as rotating the display, most new flat screens give you the option as to the orientation you would like it as. Usually adapter software comes with features for many

    other options as well
  11. szymek said:
    It's called Pivot Pro, however it's not freeware but I guess you will handle it;)
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