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i purchased LCD TV from Samsung Model LA 22 A450. It has the PC in option. When i try to connect my PC to LCD, the LCD is not taking PC. Please clarify, how can i use my LCD to my PC's Monitor and also give me the details about VGA cable, which is suitable for my PC to LCD
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  1. they aren't VGA cab;es for one, they are HD-15 cables, look at the manual it should tell u what kind of cable it is

    the get that certain cable

    or get an HDMI cable if u have one, they are better and still cheap
  2. best way would be to get a dvi to hdmi converter and use hdmi.

    otherwise any male to male "vga" cable will work

    the kind that come with KVM switches etc.
  3. Which plugs are you using?

    HD-15 VGA:

    If you are plugging the TV in to a different connector behind the computer, then you probably need to enable the display in Windows.

    If it's the same connection, make sure you know how to use your TV correctly, I'd probably call Samsung phone support. (e.g. make sure its set to PC Input on the TV).

    If you can give us cable information, like what plugs you have available on the TV and computer, that could help us a lot.
  4. and make sure your pc is set to a resolution that your TV can display. many supposed 'HD' TVs are only 1024x768. so your default deaktop res may be too high for your tv to display.
  5. good point, his TV does 1680xsomething, so if the PC was set to 1920x1280 it'd fail (should display a message tho?)
  6. SpidersWeb said:
    good point, his TV does 1680xsomething, so if the PC was set to 1920x1280 it'd fail (should display a message tho?)

    you would expect it to, but some dont.

    my old 'hdtv' was 1366x768 (which i didnt realise, it was sold to me as being full HD), and the first time i connected up my PC it took me hours to realise why i was simply getting a black screen.
  7. The 22" form samsung are HD ready, witch is 1366x768. If you have another monitor you need to enable a second monitor from your video card driver/software.

    Is the cable ok? If it is:

    Using "vga" you have to change the source of the signal from your TV.
    It is the same with HDMI if you want to use that eider with an adapter from your video card or it has native HDMI.

    Remember to set the resolution to 1366x768 to both of your monitors first to be certain .

    There are more then 1 option to use the second monitor(TV). You can extend your desktop or make a clone after it.
    See witch one fit's your needs.

    You need to check on nvidia or ati forums/site to see how you can do that with your video card.

    There is also the issue that the TV has a problem and you need to replace it or fix it, but first document yourself about what i wrote above.
    Good luck.
  8. nice ressurection there ionut.

  9. Thanks.

    I don't know if his monitor supports 1366x768(i got used using my 32" samsung). The TV will also support 1024x768. Does your video card support 2 monitors?

    No answer from you Anonymous. Did you manage to solve your problem?
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