Asus a7m266-d problems

hi, i have a asus a7m266-d with 2 athlon mp 2400 but my computer wont boot windows xp, is my mobo 64 bit? or is it something else, it will boot ubuntu 9.10 but not my xp any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you and have a nice day
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  1. Are you booting Ubuntu from the live CD? You probably have a bad hard drive, if it doesn't want to boot XP. 64-bit compatibility is not in your motherboard; it's in your processor.
  2. i know this, and no i have 2 harddrives in it one with ubuntu and one with windows both work, i can mount the windows filesystem and browse everything on it, and i can put that in another computer and it will boot up, just not on my computer, and my windows is x86 black edition
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