Samsung S183L firmware update problem. Bricked?

I have a Samsung S183L and while trying to update the firmware (using the TSDNWIN tool from Samsung website and the latest firmware SB03) halfway through the update the tool stopped with an error that the firmware image failed to load after a reboot the drive is dead (does not respond to the open button and does not show up in the windows device manager) if I relaunch the firmware update program it states no drive found.
Can anyone help me here? or is the Drive Bricked?

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  1. The drive is bricked!
  2. Actually after a couple hours and a few restarts later the drive was recognized again by the system (on the intel sata controller)
    however the Firmware was listed as "BOOT"
    I was finally able to get the Firmware to install completely and correctly by turning off all anti-virus, firewalls and running the firmware app "TSDNWIN" as Administrator (windows 7)
    then after the reboot finally it was working again and the firmware was correctly listed as SB03
  3. Good deal glad its fixed!
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