Overclocking the 1055t

It's seems I've hit a wall and I'm unable to overcome it; At 3.8Ghz prime95 fails the test (worker stops) after ~3 minutes.

I can overclock at a fully stable 3.7Ghz @ 1.44v as listed by cpu-z (Voltage set in bios is 1.4v) with FSB 265, CPU-NB 2119Mhz @ Stock Voltage, RAM 1412Mhz @ 1.5v.

I've spent hours trying voltages for the core, CPU-NB and RAM but 3.8Ghz just wont pass prime.. Is it possible that some 1055t's that just can't hit 3.8Ghz? It seems like no matter how much vCore I give it (didnt go past 1.525v), it just wont do it - even with everything else under settings which run impeccably at 3.7Ghz.

Much appreciated.
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  1. every cpu is different, there are probably some that can hit 4ghz. also maybe its your motherboard, a phenom x6 draws a LOT of power running all cores at max in prime. a 4 phase power motherboard wont cut it, you would need a good 8 phase board with cooling on the VRM's and other major IC's on the board.
  2. I'm running my 1055t on a gigabyte 990fxa ud3 with 8 GB (2x4) of corsair XMS3 1333Mhz RAM, if that helps at all. I know the mobo has 8+2 power phases. I can live without 4Ghz, but I would like to hit 3.8Ghz. Is there anyone else that's having the same problem? -(ending up with a lemon of a 1055t)
  3. 3.8ghz. - fsb at 271 vcore at 1.45v , cpu nb raise 0.025v,
    Ram corsair xms 1333 does not strong for oc fsb, that's need drop ratio ram to 1066 (very storng is 1600 ) , you must do small increase ram voltage +0.015v - 0.065 (max at 1.65v). If you had LLC set extreme/high or maximum.
  4. I'm using a M4A79XTD EVO with a 1055T and I'm stable at 3.75ghz. I have a 4 pin power connector for mobo though :'( I've been messing with settings and voltages but can't get the system stable enough to play Black OPs over 3.8ghz. I've managed to run at 3.9ghz but when running prime95 core 5 fails an the other 5 cores seem to be doing ok. I managed to boot windows at 4ghz but only had enough time to take a screen shot before windows crashed lol. For now I think I'm going to stick with 3.752ghz under full load i'm at 40 degrees Celsius. When I built this system I was hoping for 3.6-3.8ghz so I guess I got what I wanted.

    While my multiplier is x14 I can't pass 270 FSB. When I dropped the multiplier I got FSB up to 290 and booting into windows. I may try dropping multiplier to x13 or x13.5 and see if I can crank it up a bit.

    How important is NB fq and HT fq.. I have NB at 2400+ and HT at 2144 right now.
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