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i am in the process of building one last system i wantit to be the best ever but i need some help with what and how much memory i should put in the unit. to start i have a foxconn TLA-436 chassis, intel DX58SO MB, nvidia 9800GT video just one no SLI or CrossFire. the mother board has to use DDR3 memory of which i would like to get 16GB but it's to much money right now. my question is now much ram do i hae to have to make this system run correctly. all the other components are just the normal drives sata 640gb and 320gb one TB backup external drive 20" lcd monitor of which i hope to change to a 26" LCD TV/Monitor. please add your ideas on how i can make it better. one added note i am not a gamer.
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  1. i forgot to tell you the CPU is a I7 920
  2. ^ If you are not a gamer and use your PC for just regular tasks, then 3x1GB kits are more than suffice...
    But the best option would be no more than 6GB(3x2GB kits) - But you need to have a 64-bit OS to recognize the full 6GB...

    If you have a 32-bit OS, then the 3GB is suffice...
  3. You wont notice any benefit from more than 6GB of ram unless you are a graphics designer and the adobe creative suite is your life. Just get a 3x1 kit for now if you are on a 32 bit os, or a 3x2 kit if you are on 64 bit, any more than a 3x2 kit is a waste.
  4. i'm sorry i have both the vista ultimate 64bit and the windows 7 64 bit i want to build a system that will run like a raped ape i thank you for your input. right now the DDR3 memory is very high
  5. You will get better results by spending the money on a CL7 1600MHz kit rather than 12GB worth of ram. Each 32 bit app can use 2Gb, each 64 bit app can use more, but unless you are running multiple programs that can use full extent of their allowed memory you are just wasting money which is better spent on a better GPU or a faster hard drive.

    Unless you intend to run photoshop, illustrator, and crysis all at the same time you will never come close to needing even 6GB of ram, let alot 12GB, spend the money on better timings.
  6. thank you i understand CL7 1600Mhz kit to mean ddr3 memory
  7. i thank all of one for your thoughts and help what about a fan sped controler and temperature sensors i wahted to use alot of fans and keep the air moving in the case i do plan to use Ram coolers and fans on both the northbridge and the southbridge, video, hdd's (two) and of course the CPU for that i am using a push pull thermalright pair of fans.
  8. if any one has any ideas for my system please speak up
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