Best i5 2500K air cooler for $50?

I plan on buying an i5 2500k and overclocking it to about 4.5 ghz. What would be the best air cooler in the $50 range for it? I've been looking and seem to have narrowed it down to either a Scythe Mugen 3 or a Coolermaster V6 GT. I am open to other suggestions though.

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  1. I would go Cooler master V6,
    Scythe Mugen performance of 3 is not as good as the Scythe Mugen 2. if you can get version 2 of the scythe is better.
  2. I can get a hyper 212+ at a local store for $23. Is it worth getting a second fan for push/pull or is the single stock fan enough?
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  4. @00Dan Thermaltake Frio is in your price range, out performs the CMH212+, comes with the 2nd fan and fan control capability.
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