HD5770 crossfire too hot?

So, i just over clocked my two vaporxs to 930/1350 same on both of them, but just in the kombuster test i was seeing like 64c is that too hot for these cards?

Also is a 6fps boost good for a oc?
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  1. I wouldn't worry about temps until you are in the 80+ C range...these cards are designed to run into the 90-100's C, but you'd rather not have those temps.

    6fps is decent, what were you seeing prior? What are the stock speeds...you listed the OC speeds?
  2. Stock on both are 860/1200 and yes they are the oc speeds i posted. Hm, maybe that isn't a safe oc.. i'm seeing alot of flashing green bars on the battlefield 3 beta when playing on that, but the game is a lot smoother with that clock.

    Maybe it's a driver issue? what's the best thing i can do to see if this is a safe clock speed for every day use and to see if that oc is causing the green bar flashes?
  3. 60+ is fine but I would begin to act when they hit 70+ by raising the fan speed manually to 80% to maintain the whole card from getting to hot.
  4. Hm, it seems that the clock speed is fine as it's running bc2 fine with out the green bar flashes so is it safe to say that it's just the bf3 beta casuing the green bar flashes, but it seem that it does get really hot in about the 80s while playing bc2 so maybe i should lower the overclock? when i turn the fans up to 80% it gets crazy loud and i'm affraid of blowing up my cards by keeping it running at that speed for hours.
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