Is this good for a gaming system

hi i was wondering if this is a good gaming build, and that it is all compatible.

Processor - I7 920

Motherboard - Asus p6t

Graphics Card - 2 x Gainward GTX 275

Case - CoolMaster RC690

Harddrive - Seagate SATA 1tb

DVD Drive - SATA Samsung

Power Supply - Corsair 850w

RAM - 6G Kit(3x2G) DDR3 1600 G.Skill-NQ

I already have a mouse, monitor and keyboard
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  1. Yes and yes.
  2. No Cpu cooler in that list????

    What resolution are you gaming at?
  3. a better case is a coolermaster HAF 932.
  4. the case is completely up to him, choose a case you like and be happy.
    as for the harddrive why not go with the western digital caviar black 1tb, its dual proc 32mb and also sata2. it would perform much better than standard harddrives.
  5. cool, but do you actually need to buy a cpu cooler, i got told by a friend that, that came with the cpu....
  6. i7 920's run warm, standard intel coolers are barely adequate. A good aftermarket cooler will make a difference, especially if you get the itch to O/C.
    Core contact freezer cooler goes for about 30 bucks.

    What resolution are you gaming at?
  7. sorry, im not too sure about resolutions, what would you recommend for this kind of system at high graphics for most games.
    and also what kind of cooling system do you think would be good?
  8. What size monitor do you have then?

    A Core Contact Freezer air cooler will do fine for your CPU, heres a link:

    You'll also need this:
  9. just get one 275, and the get a 5870 in September, since there's little point dumping that much money in soon to be obsolete tech.
  10. would something like this do Thermaltake Typhoon VX
  11. ResidentNumb3rs said:
    would something like this do Thermaltake Typhoon VX

    Yeah that would do but do a bit of research and make sure it can mount to a LGA1366 socket and also that your case can fit a 120mm cooler, 120mm's can be a tight fit in some cases.

    You still havnt answered me as to the size of your monitor? It is hard to offer advice on a video card when I dont know what resolution you intend to be gaming at.

    Just Ignore helloworld_98 he thinks he knows pretty much everything about anything with little in the way of facts to back up his dribble :pfff:
  12. ^ if mine are facts are little then you're a load of BS.
  13. ^Who is your english teacher? I wish to slap him/her.
  14. the monitor is 17 inch
    and according to a review the rc 690 can have 7 fans
    ront :120 mm Blue LED fan x 1, 1200 rpm, 21 dBA,
    Rear : 120 mm standard fan, 1200 rpm, 21 dBA,
    Top : 120 or 140 mm fan x 2 (optional),
    Bottom : 120 mm fan x 1 (optional),
    Left: 120mm fan x 2 (one is optional)-up to 140mm fans
    not really sure what thats the info you need

    and also the case is roomy enough to fit SLI, does that help?
  15. what are some examples of 1366 fans?, i cant seem to find any
  16. That helps absolutely!
    Mate 2 cards is just an absolute waste with that monitor. Even one gtx275 is a waste.
    Hell a 9600GT would max out most games on that monitor!

    My suggestion is this,

    1. Buy 1 of those gtx275 cards.
    2. Spend the coin you save on the 2nd card on this:

    With the coin left over from the 2nd card, you should also be able to get your cpu cooler!
  17. ResidentNumb3rs said:
    what are some examples of 1366 fans?, i cant seem to find any

    The core i7 920 plugs into an LGA1366 socket, any cooler you get must be compatible with a LGA1366 socket. The cooler you linked to only supported the old LGA775 socket which is what the core 2's plugged into.

    Just look at the information regarding any cooler you are looking at, it will say which cpu's/sockets it can mount to.

    The cooler I linked to above supports an LGA1366 socket.
  18. I agree with tonkatuffmofo, at that resolution, even a single 275 is a waste, so get one 275 and a nice 1920x1200 monitor, or a 2048x1152 monitor if you can find one and don't mind the drop in size for the higher resolution.
  19. thanks guys, im very glad i asked :)
  20. can we use any cooler as long as it has a bracket set thing?
  21. does this work
    dont think the price is high, its in aussie dollar
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