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Hi, i currently have a P5E motherboard and i seem to be having PCI problems. My master PCI slot wont accept any card and it wont boot. You know that ''beep'' sound that the mobo makes on startup? well if i connect a graphics card on the master slot it wont ''beep'' and wont boot. But if i connect to the slave slot then its ok. My 4870X2 was working fine on the primary slot until it started making some weird red lines and dots and then crashed and restarted. At first i thought it was the card causing the problem. So i switched to a 2600XT just to check if its true. Spent some days playing fine, and then suddenly a blue screen and BAM reboot. I havent tested the 4870X2 on another mobo or another pc but i think its the motherboards fault. So i am thinking, should i go for the P5Q deluxe? or will that drop my performance? and is my E8400 on stock clocks fully takes advantage of the 4870X2?
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  1. I would get nice cheep micro ATX board, so in the future you can use it as HTPC or something.
  2. It should still be under warranty, why not contact ASUS and RMA it for a new one?

    If that is not an option for you, I would say just keep using it in the second PCIe slot.
    It has the same bandwidth as the first PCIe slot and there will be no decrease in performance...
  3. yeah but the problem is i can't fit the 4870X2 on the slave slot. Should i clear cmos or do something to the motherboard? RMA checking it doesn't seem as an option to me. But still will i get a performance decrease if i buy the P5Qdlx? will the 4870X2 work properly?
  4. The P5Q Deluxe will give you the same performance as your current motherboard.

    Not sure what you mean 'RMA checking is not an option'?
    As the x38 chipset was launched in September '07.
    As such, your motherboard is under 3 years old and still under warranty.
    Contact ASUS and request a free replacement.
    All you should have to pay is shipping to the RMA center.
  5. Oh ok thanks man, i think i will RMA it now. I live in Cyprus and i didn't want to go through the procedure of contacting asus and finding a way to ship my mobo there. And i thought that the P5Q has the 16 phase power a better north bridge cooler and i only thought that because of its poorer crossfire support it would decrease my 4870X2 performance.
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