Urgent help needed - Graphics card won't fit

This is my first ever build and the parts I'm having problems with are:
XFX Radeon HD 4890
Gigabyte GA-790X-UD4P
Cooler Master Storm Scout

The problem I'm having with this particular combination is that the graphics card won't fit because the motherboards PCI-E slot doesn't line up properly with the back panel of the case. The PCI-E slot is positioned right in the middle of two back panel openings, so if I try to put the graphics card in it would go in on a slope and require force which would most definitely break the card. Is this not a compatible build, or have I done something wrong? Maybe I got dud measurements...

Help would be most appreciated because I'm tearing my hair out at the moment at the $1700NZ mistake I have made.
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  1. !STOP!
    If the Graphic card does not line up with the slot, you have not installed the motherboard into the case correctly. Do not proceed to do anything else, do not apply power to the board. Take it out and start over, locating and using the proper standoffs, and the proper hole locations.
  2. Ah thank for your answer, but it seems it was my inexperience that made it seem that way. I was the one putting it on a slope and not the motherboard or case. It actually fits perfectly now that I've fiddled around. Sorry to bother you. Never knew building a computer was so difficult.
  3. Difficult but fun :D
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