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Hi all, new to the scene, browse everyday under recommendation from my Dad, says he learns alot from here, so thought i would drop by with a question :p

This is my motherboard.

I am wanting to upgrade my CPU as im in the hunt for more FPS in Counter-Strike Source, and was hoping that you guys could tell me whats the best my mobo can actually take.

I currently have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400+ 3.21GHz.

I live in the UK so i dont think newegg is capable of providing components for me :)

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  1. What other components do you have? namely your graphics card, and RAM.
  2. GFX 9600GT x2 atm but will be purchasing a 295gtx in the near future :p

    RAM just cheap 4GB but will be purchasing.....this

    in the near future
  3. I would stick with your current RAM and CPU at the moment and wait until you've upgraded your graphics card(s) and see what difference that makes.

    (Also, I never knew sold PC components!)
  4. Ok, sounds like a plan :p

    Yea, whats even more suprising is that the RAM is cheaper than ebuyer and overclockers lmao :D

    I'll wait till i have purchased that, was mainly looking to see whats in the market, for a 'potential' purchase, not a definate. :)

    Thanks for the quick replies btw :)
  5. No worries, beats doing any work!
  6. Keep your eyes open for an X3 720. Very good performance/$ ratio.
  7. Yea i have seen that, nice price, certainly cheaper than what this one i have now cost.

    I prefer even numbers tho, seeing odd numbers puts me off things, weird huh :)

    Thx for your reply none-the-less.
  8. Hey dont kno when ill get moaned at for asking here.

    But since my motherboard has allready been posted, i was wondering if you could tell me whether i have to stick with NVIDIA gfx cards or can i purchase ATi?
  9. Anyone? :)
  10. You can use a ATI card but the board does not support crossfire.
  11. You need Nvidia cards for SLI (multi GPU), but you may purchase an ATI card. My recommendation would be an ATI 5870 which is similar to the 295 yet it uses less power. However, both GPUs would be WAAAY overkill for counter strike...
    You can get the Phenom II 965 which is AMD's flagship, or any other model you like since the mobo supports it.
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