Asus MOBO Xfire Bandwidth

I have a Asus M4A785TD-V Evo AM3 Mainboard with two PCi-e lanes.

If I understand correctly, if I were to add a second Ati HD4890 in Xfire, the x16 lane would then divide in 2x8 lanes?

And assuming the previous assumption is correct, will the 2x8 lanes provide enough bandwidth for proper scaling from 1 to 2 GPU's, or will the lower bandwidth throttle performance?
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  1. Unfortunately you are mistaken.
    Your Motherboard is locked into 16x/4x mode, adding two cards will NOT split the bandwidth.
    As such, I would recommend against CrossFiring your GPU on this board.

    IF it could split to PCIe 2.0 8x/8x, it would have enough bandwidth....
  2. is there any way to split the PCI slots so that the second PCi slot becomes x8?
  3. Unfortunately not.
    There are only so many PCIe lanes wired to the second slot.
    No amount of fiddling can enable something that is not wired in ;)
  4. Thank you outlw6669 for clearing that up....I am disappointed, but do understand.

    Tnx again
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