Is this a good build?1000$ budget build.

I want some opinons or suggestions.Also this is my first build.Everything is from tigerdirect! :D


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT:gaming,studying,and internet

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard/mouse,maybe the monitor,speakers,andcpu fan


PARTS PREFERENCES:name brands,must be powerful




B69-3084 :: Asus M4A78 Pro Motherboard with AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition Triple Core Processor Bundle

M17-7501 :: Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3 OEM Version

C283-1187 :: Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Black Case

P450-4892 :: XFX Radeon HD 4890 XT Video Card - 1024MB DDR5, PCI Express 2.0 x16, CrossFireX Ready, (Dual Link) Dual DVI, HDTV, FREE HAWX Game

TSD-500AAKS :: Western Digital WD5000AAKS Caviar Blue Hard Drive - 500GB, 7200rpm, 16MB, SATA-300, OEM

A406-1116 :: XION Power Real 1000W ATX Power Supply

O261-7608 :: OCZ Reaper 4096MB PC10666 DDR3 1333MHz Memory (2x2048MB)

Total:959.85 + shipping. no tax
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  1. its fine but you could switch to a 600 to 700 watt power supply an there is a 640 hd for the same price as the 500
  2. really? please post a link
  3. about the power supply, i think its a good deal!
  4. seems the 640 deal is finished an the power supply is only bronze 80 certified
  5. its still a good deal for 100$!Other 1000w powersupplies are 150$+.
  6. good luck then have fun
  7. The mobo that you have selected is an AM2+ mobo which supports only DDR2 and not DDR3...
    So either choose a DDR2 RAM or DDR3 mobo...

    And seriously you wouldn't want a 1000W PSU...And that too not from a Tier 1 company...
    Better off getting the Corsair 750TX...

    The HDD is not a very fast one...The Seagate 7200.12 500GB or the Samsung F3 500GB or the WD Black 640GB are better and faster...

    And you would want to reconsider the OS ...
    XP home is long gone...For $20 more, you can get Vista Home Premium with Free WIN 7 upgrade...
  8. Samsung and Seagates are unreliable.

    I like the psu and it had a lot of good reviews.

    The os is really reliabe also i had expierance with vista.

    And could you suggest another mobo?
  9. sorry about the ram posted wrong link!
  10. Samsung and Seagates's previous drives were only unreliable...If you check out their other drives, I dont think they are unreliable...
    I personally have been using a Seagate drive for the past 8 years and have not faced any problems with it...
    So maybe their 1 drive was unreliable (Specifically the 7200.11 but it is also fixed now), doesnt imply, all of their drives will be...
    And the 7200.12 from Seagate and the Samsung F3 are the latest from them and each boast a single platter 500GB, which are very efficient and have very good performance...

    And as for the OS, even I personally dont like Vista...But the WIN 7 is far different...
    It is the first OS from MS that was released for the public testing and because of that MS was able to improve the OS very much and during its release candidate stage itself, it was as good as XP...
    And instead of spending $90 on the XP, spend $20 more and get Vista that has a free upgrade to WIN 7...So you would save money there when upgrading...

    As for the PSU, you should then check out the reviews of the Corsair, you will like it more...And dont overshoot your power requirements...

    Mobo - If you want crossfire support -
    ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX

    If you dont want crossfire support, then get any 770/ 780/ 785 chipset mobo...
  11. Thank you !I well get the asus motherboard.about the os my parents only gave 1k.Im am going to see if i could get some more.I decided on getting an ocz modxstreme pro 750w psu. is this a good psu?

    P.S.Im going to see if i could get another 400$ to get another monitor and VISTA (yep i said it :o )!
  12. you are overpaying....
    AMD x3 720 CPU and Asus MOBO...... $294

    HAF case...... $100

    Corsair PSU and Saphire GPU..... $300

    Patriot RAM..... $80

    WD Caviar Black 640GB..... $75

    ODD (DVD burner)...... $29

    total $878

    Oh, and you can download Windows 7 RC1 free.... it's good for 1 year.
  13. what about tax and shipping?and that the wrong case.Correct case is the HAF 932.The one listed is the HAF 922m.A midtower version of the 932.
  14. If you want the full tower HAF 932... $140

    remember that shipping on a full tower will be $15-25

    That's why I went with the 922 mid version. free shipping with similar design/asthetics and great reviews.

    If you are dead set on the 932, check around and look for free shipping.

    as for taxes.... no idea since I don't know where you live. I chose the PSU with free shipping too. On these 2 items always get free shipping due to thier weight/bulk.
  15. fjc1998 said:
    its still a good deal for 100$!Other 1000w powersupplies are 150$+.

    well its either a good deal or its junk

    and anyway you dont need 1000 watts . Your computer wont use any where near that much so the power supply will not run efficiently and you will waste power .

    Buy a quality 650 watt psu instead
  16. HAF 922 is definitely big enough,

    get the MSI 275 card, mildly factory overclocked, with super cooling solution:
  17. I got a different psu and ill stick with the 4890.
  18. what PSU did you go with? and which model on the 4890.... XFX?
  19. By the way, ATI sucks in Linux, just let you know.
    If you will run linux system at some point, by all means stick with Nvidia.

    Linux has is so much more superior than window in many ways (not including games), you never know at some point, you will feel like trying it and then can not live without it, like me ;)
  20. yea seriosuly what psu did you go with? that is the most important part of your system. if you got a crappy one then it will most likely fail down the road and fry all your parts with it. That is probably the best advice I can give you, get a good PSU.

    The corsair 750tx is probably the best psu you can get for the price. It is whole-heartedly recommended on these forums. You don't have to take our advice if you want, but when your system gets fried from a crappy psu don't come back here crying.
  21. Well i got a corsair 750tx.You guys really like that psu.also i crossfired 2 4890!Got extra funds!
  22. nice.....
  23. tell me about your build!
  24. Mine went great. not a die hard gamer so I went single 4870 OC GPU.... didn't unlock the other 2 cores on my 550 CPU but did OC it to 3.82 Ghz. overall not bad for the money spent.

    What was your final build and build cost?
  25. A asus M4A78t-E mobo
    Phenom X3 720 BE
    WD caviar blue 500 gig
    2x XFX 4890
    HAF 932 case
    Corsair 750tx psu
    Corsair XMS3 4gig DDR3-1333mhz

    final price 1,004.92$
    Not to shabby is it?: )
  26. not too shappy at all. congrats on the build.
  27. thanks for the comments ppl!
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