Windows7 genuinty check failed and no longer can install OS


I installed Win7 and didn't use the Win7 Loader. It detected that my copy wasn't genuine and then it froze. After that regardless of how many times I tried, I cannot install an OS. I tried Hiren's Boot CD and that failed too. I've physically removed the HDD and formatted it on another system yet no good comes out of it. My HDD's health is fine. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking of flashing my BIOS to see if that helps.
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  1. read the forum rules--no piracy allowed here :non: :non:
  2. is it geniune or not?
  3. Sorry, I have a relatively old notebook and use to operate using genuine XP (P4&512mbram) and testing out 7. No intentions of piracy.
  4. not a legit copy, if it was it would be working!
  5. Try downloading the dev version of Win8, it can be given a normal desktop and is set up so that you don't need a key.

    Normal win7 you have 30days to put a key in though. Why didn't you use the windows boot loader.
  6. If you've installed and activated that copy of Windows more than 5 times, the online activation won't work. Go through the process and then select the option to activate over the phone. It takes a few minutes and involves entering A LOT of numbers on your phone, but it'll work...assuming you have a legit copy, of course. :)
  7. Sorry this isn't a valid topic in Tom's Hardware.Please purchase a genuine copy!
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