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I have a dell inspiron 537mt with a 2.2 celeron 450 512kb cache and the stock 2gb or hyundai ram ddr2 800mhz and i like a sata2 320gb hd. stock components besides a galaxy 1gb GDDR2 9500gt pci-e 16x graphics card. i currntly have windows 7 64bit and i wanted to know what processors are compatible with this pc and if i should upgrade to 4gb of ram (2x2gb) and what ram speed and company should i use. i mainly play everyqyest 2 on balanced setting not bad but i know my cpu is slowing me down any body got an answer for meh :-P
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  1. Ram prices keep going up; I would try a different cpu first. To be safe, use the older 800 or 1066 cpus such as the e4500 or e6400. I've seen some used for sale at anandtech's "for sale" forum. Be sure to get a heatsink with it; your old celeron heatsink is too small for faster cpus. Dell normally won't give you much help for cpu upgrades. It's a crapshoot, but I doubt the .45 nm wolfdale's will work (such as the e5400). For confirmation, post this in one of the dell forums.
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