AMD 64 3500+ and 8800GTS 320MB


When I play crysis on my system I only get around 15-20 FPS, why is this?

My specs

AMD 64 3500+ (939)
Asus A8N
1.5GB Ram
8800 GTS 320MB
Windows 7 RC 32bit (soon final version)

is it my CPU or the OS.??
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  1. The CPU. It's only a single core, and Crysis I believe requires a dual core.

    I had a system based on that socket, and a little bit faster CPU. It was great at the time, but in comparison to today's hardware, and the hardware that Crysis was written to play on, it just can't hold up.
  2. Agreed. Its a CPU limitation although Crysis whipped pretty much all of the video cards at time of release depending on the settings an monitor used.

    What res do you play at and what size monitor? If you are playing a low res on a 19" monitor with settings turned down to med or less on the game I would think you would get slightly higher fps. The more you crank up the game settings the less fps you will get even with the top end cards of the time period of Crysis release date, such as the 8800GTX Ultra, even SLI'd.

    Its taken the modern cpus along with the newest video cards to tame Crysis with frame rates you used to only be able to dream of.

    So in all honesty is both your video card and your cpu (your entire system) that is your bottleneck on this game. I don't think I would rush out and spend 1000 or more to play Crysis unless you are just wanting to get a current gaming rig that will play current and future games coming out...
  3. okay

    i played in 1028x1024 on an 19" all on the lowest settings, (medium)
    now i play on 800x600 still all settings on medium and its more playable but it lags occasionally when it auto saves.

    will this be a good choise on upgrading my system?

    Athlon II X2 250 2 MB (AMD Processor in a Box (PIB))
    Kingston HyperX 2 x 2 GB
    LC Power Super Silent LC6550 V2.0 (Sort)
    MSI 770-C45
  4. You will still be limited on your video card although upgrading your cpu and ram will definitely help some.

    You can try the current video card out and see how that goes and upgrade it later if you don't want to shell out too much at once.

    I don't know anything about your psu choice as I haven't seen that brand and all the literature on every page listed for it needs translated.

    Get a good psu:


    Depending on what video card you upgrade to its a good idea to get one that can handle future upgrades. You can probably do fine with a lesser psu if you plan to not upgrade for a while.

    It would help if you gave a total budget (your desired amount to spend from the ideal budget to the max you are willing to go) so we can put together a good parts list.

    We might be able to fit you much better with a more powerful system than what you are trying to put together yourself.

    Do that 1st and then we will give you a good parts list...
  5. okay

    the things I need is CPU, Ram, Mainboard, and PSU
    maybe an GPU also

    my total budget is 240-250£ absolutely no more

    I don't have any demands on brands and that sort of thing
  6. and also a good cpu cooler
  7. Mobo



    Power Supply

    This totals 241.92 but I have no idea on the shipping as I don't use this site since I'm in the US and usually do newegg.

    I would use the stock cpu cooler and your current video card for now. This will get you up and going and also set you up for a better upgrade path for later down the road.

    The motherboard is optional and could probably get another one with a single pci ex slot to stay with a single gpu setup since we are going with a 550 watt psu but thats up to you.

    This is just one suggestion that will get you up to date with nice game play. Get a real nice video card, cpu cooler and windows 7 later when the funds become available and you are set... ;)
  8. nice thanks a 1000 times
  9. This is a decent board and a few bucks less:

    Keep in mind this is a micro atx motherboard. I usually like to get the standard atx boards as most features are still in tact. Look inside your case and if your board measures something like 9.6" by 9.6" and it looks tight you may only be able to use a micro atx board. It will depend on your case. If you can swing my original list stay with it.

    Not a problem buddy, you should enjoy this new setup. Let me know how you like it when you are done.. ;)
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