LG BH10LS30 not detecting LightScribe discs

Looked elsewhare in here for this issue, didn't find it. If you know of a thread already posted, please post a peply with the link to it.

Just installed a LG BH10LS30 Super Multi Blue Internal Blu-Ray Disc Rewriter. I got it to play Blu-Ray Discs on my PC, but also to burn disks over the DVD 4.7GB or DVD-DL limit of 8.5GB. (Yes, I have some stuff larger than 8.5GB, 'nuf said.).

The burner will burn everything just fine to any media: CD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, and BD-R.

When I go to burn a LightScribe label (to those discs I can: Verbatim DVD+R), the software (both Nero and CyberLinks) tell me either "No LightScribe disc detected," or "Please insert a LightScribe disc." But when I put the same disc into my HP 1040r in another PC, it'll burn the LS label just fine. WTF?

I'm using Verbatim DVD+R w/Lightscribe discs. I haven't found any DVD+R DL or BD-R with LightScribe. Do you know of any? Where? How much? I use Nero 7 and CyberLink burning software, and neither will detect a LS disc. But just fine on the other PC. Software is all "up-to-date" with free upgrades, etc.

I checked the LightScribe Forums, but found the only advice is to clean the inner rings of the discs. My discs are brand new, never touched, so...what? Other drive detects them!

I have no problem returning the BD-RE to MicroCenter, but any advise will be very helpful.
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  1. Neverind, I'm burning a DVD Lightscribe label right now on the drive in question.

    I didn't do anything but try it again.
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