Air Cooling Help With Fans... Not Your Average Question..

So i have a 4 pin 120mm case fan plugged into the mobo right now the stock amd cpu fan....

i have a stock intel cpu fan and another stock amd cpu fan... JUST FANS NO HEATSINKS.

I want to wire these fans somehow.. i dont care about them being fixed speeds. i just want the extra airflow in the case yes their not going to help by much..

im wanting to put the intel fan overlappping the current amd stock fan i have on now...

Ok for my next question... i have these parts alltogether..
-Stock AM3 Heatsink with fan
-Stock AM2 Heatsink with Fan
-Stock Intel Heatsink With Fan

i want to know if i should keep the am3 heatsink on, then attach the older am2 heatsink direclty on top of the existing one. then having the top fan and somehow mounting two side fans in a push and pull method...

that would give a very good decrease in temps im sure.. thing is it can be done but.... i dont know how to wire all those cpu fans to work..
and i dont want to go buy diff fans right now..

FINALLY QUESTION- How do i wire cpu fans to work in my case when my cpu fan slot is already used...???? TY.
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  1. Cut the plug off the casefan,
    wire the two cables from the 120mm case fan into a molex plug,
    on the 12v and ground wires (Yellow and one of the blacks) then using the fan plug from that wire splice a fan (or two) onto its wires, making sure you have the correct polarity! plug that into Mobo, multiple fans off one plug,
    I'd say only have two on a plug,no more or it may cause problems
    as for the additional heatsink on top of the first, I don't think that would be very effective, even with the 'push/pull' setup, buy a cheap hyper 212 if thats what you desire, at least that will work :)
  2. lol yea i could do that but i dont want to spend any more money then i need too so thats why im trying this crazy setup thing lol... ill probably end up buying a gt v6 but in the mean time i just have all these fans staring at me and only 1 case fans a 1 cpu fan.. i want to play around with OCing but my temps were too high.. i took a portable 12v car fan and have it hanging inside my case lol with a industrial fan about 2 feet away from it blowing air straight into the case helped with my temps by a few degrees.. not much. lol yea call me a redneck even tho im far from it im just inovative..!
  3. I like the modding spirit man :)
    if you have a huge fan blowing straight in, the heatsink ideas are definately not going to affect anything hehe :)
    My current rig has an 80mm fan mounted on a card gasket type thing, mounted on top of the heatsinks 75mm fan, so trust me I know where you're coming from lol
    keep on modding man, and let us know how you get on :)
  4. yea i got a big industrial fan blowing air straight in the case lol.. like i said im inovative. actually have a dremel here next to me getting ready to cut out a slot on top and front of my case the one on top to suck hot air out.. and the front has a grill to mount a fan but the case front is all plastic so ima cut some of the plastic away lol..

    Obliously i dont care for looks.. hehe i also looked into homemade water cooling but for the work the benifit isn't substantial enough..
    TY for the help.

    Anyone else have any crazy cooling ideas i'd love to hear em!
  5. I am from the northern part of the country, and occasionally in winter I would basically run a "snorkel" from my window into my case. temps dropped like a rock, considering I was temporarily sucking 20 Degree F air into my case. Impracticable, but neither is a big car fan. Mounting one heat sink on top of another will not get you anywhere....
  6. lol yea thats sounds fun lmao im thinking about building a funnel type thing around the big industrial fan in a cone shape straight to the cpu... so all that air is pushed straight into the cpu lmao.
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