Can you identify this motherboard?

this is a picture of the beckhoff c5102-0030 Industrial pc mother board

here are the specs:

Main Board: Beckhoff CB1051-0004
Phoenix Award BIOS
Socket M (479) Intel CPU Support
Intel 945GM chipset
Support for 2*DDR2 Memory modules up to 4GB
1 * PCIE 16X, 3 * PCIE 1X, 3 * PCI Expansion slots
4 * RS232 communication Ports, 1LPT Port
1* onboard Intel 100/PRO 10/100Mbps Network adaptor
8 USB 2.0 ports
4 * SATA2 + 1 * IDE + 1 Floppy Disk connectors
I am pretty sure its a rebranded motherboard, as it's a very normal configuration board (no ecc+ bufferd mem, etc)
I really need to know the original manufacturer of this board and would really appreciate if any of u guys can Identify it or have any thoughts on how to Identify it
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  1. delete
  2. what is this? anyways why are we identifying it, you already know what it is, i have a good cpu cooler for socket 478 and a 2.56 ghz celeron lol
  3. i need a bios update and I'm having probloms with beckhoff, I'm vondering if this motherboard is originally made by a company like asus,intel or for example gigabyte..
    so i can get the bios update
  4. lol, looks like an 845~865 breed of intel boards...
  5. come on.. nobody
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    try inputting the FCC id# on the motherboard into this site. Should show the mfgr of board.
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  8. thanx every one for the contribution
    the board IS really built by beckhoff
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