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Hey all, i just received my new ocz agility 3 120 gb ssd, and i benchmarked it and the results seem astoundingly low...200mb/s seq read when it is quoted at 525.. i am using ahci sata III and have installed all drivers etc i have also followed the ssd optimization guide found on
I am using an ASUS p8p67 pro motherboard and i thought it didnt suffer from the same marvell issue as x58 and even if that were the case 200mb/s still seems low.
any community help would be great.
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  1. One other thing i forgot to add is that i am not using the marvell ports i am using the native sata 3 ports
  2. Please post a screen shot of the benchmark software AS Benchmark (doesn't require it to be ran to get the information we need). We can tell what controller you are installed on and if the drive is aligned.
  3. hey, i solved the issue through another forum, and yes the drive is aligned. but thanks for your reply
  4. What was the issue??
  5. well apparently i can only expect the rated speeds in atto disk bench as ssd and crystal disk rate it significantly lower due to uncompressed data
  6. I'm not sure if that is correct, as I get 232 MB read on my Vertex 2 on a SATA 2 port. The Vertex 3 Agility 3 should out perform that on a SATA 3 port.

  7. yea but im using Agility 3 not Vertex 3
  8. I'm using a Vertex 2 (SATA II) not the Agility 3 (SATA III). ... Even the Agility should perform close to par with the Vertex 3
  9. Here is my ATTO screenshot, which if you look at the read speeds, they are pretty close to my CDM speeds (CDM is not 1/2 the speed, as it seems your is showing).

  10. Are you using a SATA III cord? anything less than a 6gig cord wont transfer data at the maximum rate. I got myself a raptor drive a month ago and was disappointed that it wasn't much faster, until I replaced the cord, then it was crazy fast.
  11. Yes i am using sata III, the vertex 3 and aglity 3 use diferent type of nand thus the performance diff, in ATTO i get 510write and 550 read which is above par. ATTO uses compressed data so sandforce scores much higher dues to its type of controller, crystal disk and as ssd use incompressible data so the sandforce controller cant achieve its max speeds, in real world scenarios however i should be getting closer to rated speeds dues to most data being able to be compressed by the sandforce controller

  12. theres my ATTO scores
  13. I agree with everything you just said but what I do disagree with is you getting 500 on ATTO & 200 on AS SSD Benchmark or CrystalDiskMark. I would expect more in the range of the 400's versus the advertised speed. Most reviews utilize on or the other as a test and I haven't seen anything that low.

    However, you feel you have received an acceptable answer from another forum and are happy with your performance, I will drop the questions and consider this solved...
  14. i would just like to post this link which is why i have decided it was an acceptable speed.
  15. I stand corrected... :D

    I found this thread at OCZ, which supports the above information... Interesting :)
  16. yea lol i was somewhat disappointed but then a moderator on ocz forum told me most real world data is compressible and thus closer to the ATTO bench
  17. Thanks very much for your time and interest by the way
  18. Not a problem... And I'm glad for you it isn't an issue & is just how they perform. :)
  19. haha yea, but i wonder if it would be more worth it for me to return it and get a c300
  20. I have a Kington hyperx thats supposed to be giving me 555read 510write based on Atto. Like the guy above I have the proper wire and sata port yet as you can see by my scores something is not right. I appreciate any help.

    OS : Windows 7 Home Premium Edition SP1 [6.1 Build 7601] (x64)
  21. Same here, I have an Agility 3 60GB posting around the 200 mark, while Tom's own sand-force review was hitting 400-500 easy.

    No idea what's up, but I sure hope someone solves it. I would really love the speed.
  22. Advertised speeds for the 60GB Agility 3 using AS-SSD (highly incompressible data) are up to 180MB/s Read and 65MB/s Write. If you are getting 200MB/s then your drive is in great shape.

    If you saw speeds of 400-500 on Tom's it's possible you were looking at another size drive.

    Here's the link to the spec sheet of your drive :
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