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So I recently upgraded my mobo to a MSI nf750 - G55. I also threw in an AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition OC @ 3.4ghz, and 2x4GB Patriot Gaming Series DDR3 1333. It also includes my two 9800GTX+ SLI and Liquid Cooling system (Thermaltake Kandalf LCS). Now I ran this system through Prime95 with no stability issues. The cpu's Multiplier and Voltage were the only things changed (Multiplier @ 17 V@1.3875). At idle the cpu runs @ 16C and at load it runs 30C. The motherboard runs idle @ 36C and load @ 56C. Now right away im sorta worried about the mobo temp. While playing some games, the system decided to reboot on its own. So i checked the computer to find out a fan was unplugged. So I plugged it back in. A few hours of gaming later, the game crashes to the desktop with artifacts scattered everywhere. Now is this a heat issue? And if so, should I take out a video card because they run kinda Hot. The power supply is an Antec TPQ-850 850W.
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  1. Given the Prime95 stability, I'd guess video cards. Monitor their temperatures. This is one option:

    What's the cooling setup on the video cards?
  2. stock fans........ But in my earlier setup with my asus m2n sli deluxe this never happened and they ran the same. When I get back home ill let u know the temps.
  3. Actually now that I remember the BFG runs at 53 idle and the PNY runs 60 idle. Is this a problem and if so should I take one out??? Also there is an open PCI slot without a cover between the two cards. Could this lead to overheating somehow???
  4. OK. Right now my mobo is idle at 41C, CPU is idle at 16C, Video Card 1 is idle at 47C, and Video card 2 is idle at 57C. Now can somebody tell me if any of these idle temps are too hot???
  5. Dude, chill. And your video cards too.
  6. Hehe. Sorry. Im just desperate for an answer. You think its the video cards??
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    Yup. Watch the card temperature while playing games. And get some cool air from outside the case blowing over those cards.
  8. Yeah I believe i figured out the problem. One of my video cards which ran very hot was right below a heatsink on the motherboard making it VERY VERY HOT! I took out the video card and the motherboard temp went down drastically. Idle runs around 34C and full load on 46C. Think I better install a side fan on the case pointing at that heatsink because it was also out of reach of the airflow. Thx for your help!
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