Cpu temperature normal?

hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong section but i couldn't really see one for my question :(

my current cpu intel quad core Q8600 2.66ghz .... is running at a temperature of 48 degrees doin simple tasks like internet and word processing... but im a modeller and a game modder using the unreal engine ... i recently made a very intense lighting map that maxed all 4 cores out for around 8 minutes to create the lighting ... during this time my cpu reached around 78 degrees in temperature ... my question is ... is that dangerously high do i need a new cooling fan or is that normal ? thanks for any help u can give and cookies for the best answer! lol
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  1. Yes that is dangerously high... You might want to clean out dust and improve airflow in your cpu case.
  2. Intel has no listing in their Processor Spec Finder - http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ParentRadio=All&ProcFam=2774&SearchKey= - for a Q8600. You have a Q8400 R0 Stepping @ 2.66 Ghz.

    78c CPU temperature or Core temperature? There's a 5c difference. Also, what's your ambient?

    Q8400 specs:

    Vcore Max = 1.3625
    Tcase Max (CPU temperature) = 71c
    Tjunction (Core temperature) = 76c
  3. yes sorry its q8400 quad core my mistake :( its the core temps each one varies between 72 and 78 degrees when i run my lighting map... and i have no idea what an ambient is lol sorry :(
  4. I would sugest to try to reaplly the Heatsink and get AS5 thermal grease.
  5. Ambient temperature means room temperature.
  6. don't know exactly but its low probs around 18 degrees?
  7. Standard Ambient is 22c which is 71.6f. Regardless, the proper method to test your temperatures is to run Prime95 Small FFT's for 10 minutes with all fans at 100% RPM. To learn more about temperatures, just click on the link in my signature.
  8. i ran the tests as above ... and my results where

    core 1 72 degrees
    core 2 62 degrees
    core 3 68 degrees
    core 4 67 degrees

    motherboard was 58 and gpu was 48 are those temps ok... they r lower than my previous testing but still seem very high to me ;\.. but i don't really know what a target temperture for good stability is :(
  9. Refer to my first post.
  10. cheers bud :P... i think they will be ok for now but first chance i get i think a new fan and some thermal paste r in order lol :D
  11. Your "mean" or average Core temperature is 67c, which would normalize to 71c @ 22c Standard Ambient, so yes, I agree with you that you're OK for now. However, before the summer months, you'll need a high-end air cooler, unless you plan to overclock, in which case you'll need one before you OC.
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