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Hi I built my system a few months ago and it consists of

E8400 CPU, WD 640 Black Cavier HD, G.Skill Pi Ram, Corsair 650W Power supply, GTX 285 OC Graphics Card, Dark Knight Heat Sink, Gigabyte UD3R MB, Samsung 2253 BW Display.

When I watch movies on my computer I get choppy video on the high action fast motion scenes. I am playing these movies off my hard disk. This choppiness happens more when I play the movies on my HDTV which is a Panasonic TCP50G10 plasma. Can someone please help me figure out why this is happening and what can be done to resolve it?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Is your graphics card overclocked by default? Try disabling OC if you can, maybe that will make your playback more stable.

    In any case, did you also determine at what temperature your components run at?
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