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Hello I just bought a Lenova Idea Pad S10-2 and would like a recommendation on a router that really works? Thank you. J
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  1. All the routers I've tried "really work".

    Your first stop has to be your internet service provider -- is it cable or ADSL -- that narrows down your choice.

    If ADSL -- does the ISP recommend or supply any model or have instructions on its help site for setting up popular models.

    Presumably you want wireless -- there are various types N, G, Mimo but for all their claims most struggle to work any better than the cheapest -- G.

    If you're thinking brands -- well most people would endorse Netgear, Linksys, D-Link (though I've found the latter had more features and was a little more complex to set up).

    But, the truth is all of those brands use a small pool of chipset maker's products -- and the same chipsets are broadly available in lesser known brands that seem to work perfectly well. The difference may come when you need support or updated firmware/drivers -- the big boys will presumably have better support (and still be around).
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