ASUS P7P55D-E Pro, High Pitched Buzz/Whistle

Just built my system over the weekend and my mobo has a subtle high pitched noise when it's idle that is loud enough to be annoying to me. The noise completely stops when I open a game, listen to music or watch a video. So pretty much after it boots I start up a game and minimize it to make the noise go away.

I'm afraid to RMA because I don't want my PC to be out of commission for so long only to end up getting another noisey board like I have heard has happened. Anyone else have this board?
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  1. Working on a P7P55D Deluxe this weekend, I got a high pitched squeal as well, but only when I opened up Realtemp [scratches head]
    Downloaded and used Coretemp, no noise.
    After a bios upgrade I hit Realtemp again and the squeal was gone.
  2. I found a fix, I turned off C-State technology and now its gone, hurray!
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