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Hello... I just bought a new monitor and video card and installed them both within a day. I also just over clocked my Q6600 to 3ghz.. I am running a XFX 750i @1333FSB..... With 2 x 9800 GTX+SC SLI...... So ... every now and then when I boot up to my desktop... it has a green static looking screen! I am trying to pin point one of the three things I think it could be. What do you think? If it’s my monitor or VC I need to return them for a non defected one but it could also be from OC my board??? Please ... any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. I just reset my MB back to default settings.... I also formated and reinstalled vista 64...I need to pin point this issue so I can Send back the monitor or 9800GTX+ SC if indeed they are the problem.. Im hoping it was just wrong OC settings or a corrupted file. Thank you for any help :)
  2. Basic rule of upgrading: change only one thing at a time. If you have a problem, you know where it is. If you change multiple components, and you have problems, you have no idea where the problem is.

    Basic rule of troubleshooting: when something goes wrong or your symptoms change, stop right there. You are close to the problem.

    "I just bought a new monitor and video card and installed them both within a day." That implies that you have the old (working) components close by. Reinstall the old parts.

    If the system is bad, you know that the new parts are not this particular problem. If the system is good, replace the monitor first. Test. If bad, you found your problem. If good, install the new video card. And so on ...

    This is just logical thinking. It is not rocket science. :)
  3. Thanks your your imput :) I know its one of three things..... either the PCI-E slot for the new card is bad..... or could be the card itself.... or could be the monitor. It does not happen every restart... just once every few.

  4. Update! I took the second 9800GTX+ SC card out and restarted my pc about 20 -30 times... no green screen! So its either the card or the MB. Ill have to wait and see... I sent the card back for a new one.. if it does it again... its the slot. Can a PCI-E slot mess up a card?
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