Help on building 800$ PC

Hi guys i need to buy a new pc and my budget is 750-850 $
Usage of this pc is for everythig , watching movies , programing , playng games , running apps like : photoshop , cubase , etc ...

So i buit something from my local store

Monitor LCD 22" T220 Samsung 2ms 20000:1
Sapphire ATI PCX HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 2x DVI/TVO
HDD 500GB Hitachi SATA-2 16MB HDT721050SLA360
MB Intel P45SG 1333MHz s775 Core2Quad DDR31333 BOX
DIMM 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Kingston
CPU CORE 2 QUAD Q9550 2.83 LGA775 12MB 1333MHz
PSU 650W Gembird PSU8X-Real Power,PFC,Silent,2*Fan
DVD RW +/- Samsung 22x Black SATA SHS223
ATX Midi Tower Case Hantol HO24P w/LCD w/o PSU

Whats your opinion for this pc ? And im open for advice ..

Tnx Martin
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  1. Looks good to me but you need to change that PSU to a better and quality one.
    I would recommend this one:

    ANd change that hitachi hard drive to Western Digital.They are far better in making trust-able HD.
  2. look here there should be something to your liking
  3. Corsair is not avaible in the local store the only avaible psu brands are : GlacialTech , Gembird, Hantol nd A-power as for the HDD from the WD they only have 320gb
  4. ^ all the PSU makers you listed are generic, so are poor quality an dprobably won't hold up the 9550 and 4870.
  5. PSU 650W GlacialTech Intelligent Real Power i thin this is good enough it cost 100$ :P
  6. an that 100 buck overpriced power supply is gonna end up costing you 800 when you see smoke coming out your case
  7. Where are you located? If you're in the US, there's no reason to buy sub-par components from your local mom & pop shop when you can get much better components from Newegg. None of the PSU manufacturer's you mentioned are worth wasting your money on.
  8. im from macedonia no chance to buy from newegg
  9. guys i made some changes :

    1. Intel P45SG changed to asus P5Q3
    2. kingston is changed to Corsair 4GB (2x 2GB) DDR3 1600MHz, TWIN3X
    3. 650W Gembird PSU8X-Real Power,PFC,Silent,2*Fan is changed to coller master real power 620w
    4. Hitachi changed to western digital

    What do you think ?
  10. Can you buy from either of these two sites?

    They have a much better selection of power supplies and other parts.
  11. whats wrong with this parts ? give me examole , which part is wrong?
  12. I managed to locate a review of that GlacialPower PSU, it actually seems to be pretty good so you should be alright
    Its just that a bad PSU can explode and take everything else with it if you try to draw as much power as it lists especially if it is rated at peak not continuous, and by explode i think the video here shows it pretty well
    Go to 2:02ish
  13. but you didnt read my change list ? i changed PSU to Cooler Master RealPower 620w ... and read the other changes pls
  14. Ah my apologies, i missed that post, it occurred as i was typing mine. The coolermaster 620 should be fine.
  15. what about the other changes ?
  16. Everything else is fine.
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