Game freeze looping sound all color turned to blue

I have a whole load of problems but mostly dealing with graphics.
first off. i load up css and about 2 minutes in the game will freeze and the sound from the game will loop. but my comp will not crash. i can still talk on vent when it happens and i can move my mouse pointer. usually i jsut ctrl+alt+del and then close it or jsut pop back in. sometimes that works and somtimes it comes up with nv4 display driver failed. only ive changed drivers and update them. but the problem is still there. now out of nowhere everything is blue. IT IS NOT THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. but everythign is a shade of blue now butr it boots up fine. and my sound isnt working but i think thats because i moved my audio card to a different slot. and also my firefox and internet explorers dont work but i have uninstalled and reinstalled them.
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  1. I'm going to list the possible problems, because its easier than coherent sentences.

    Power supply isn't powerful enough
    Video card is getting old / or is overclocked / needs to be underclocked
    Game needs to be reinstalled

    Also, what are the specs on your powersupply, and what are your system specs. Lastly, how old is each part?
  2. intel 2.83 quad core
    i used to have sli pny gtx 260s but they both failed
    now i have a xfx 9600gtx which i bought today
    liquid cooling system
    4gigs ddr3 g.skill
    asus nse extreme
    psu is a hiper 880w
    creative xfi fatal1ty sound card
    and i built the computer with all new parts at Christmas of 2008.
    i havent overclocked yet.
    i already reinstalled game twice.
    and ive done two full mcaffee scans and i havent been able to access since the thing was built since i couldnt use internet explorer or firefox or any other program like it.
  3. havent been able to acces any sites*
  4. How did the GTX260s die?

    I'm going to say the most likely causes here are a defective PSU, defective mobo - or the most likely cause, there's a driver conflict of some sort. The quick and dirty solution is to just backup and reinstall windows, the more meaningful one would be to dink around in device manager and reinstall every driver that's re-installable there.
  5. i dont know how the gtx260s died. one minute they were working. the next i was getting a bios beep code for vga/vga ram failure. i tried putting them in different slots and having only one in in differnet slots nothing worked. so idk
    how do you reinstall windows without getting a new cd?
  6. It's almost definitely a power supply issue then.
  7. how could it be the psu's fault? i mean that as in what coul it do to cause those problems
  8. The powersupply probably wasnt powerful enough for the two GTX260s, and they put a lot of wear on the PSU. Theres a chance that the 260s aren't actually dead, only that the psu can't run then anymore.

    Whats happening now is probably a lack of power to the 9600gt.
  9. If it wasnt the Psu. what else could cause this. and would a faulty psu account for all of the colors on the screen to only be blue?
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