Haf X replacing case fans + CPU Heatsink fit?


I'm planning to replace the case fans in my HAF X (side, 2 top and 1 rear). Keeping the front 230mm.
What are some good 200mm fans? and 1 120mm exhaust.
I would prefer quiet + good cooling offcourse, but that is pretty obvious on fans :)

For the 200mm's I was thinking about red LED CM megaflows (to match the front fan and the case)
Are they any good?

Then a CPU heatsink issue: I'm planning to buy the Scythe Mugen 2 rev. B, but I'm not sure if it will fit with my RAM.
I have this setup:
ASRock extreme4 gen3
Corsair vengeance 8gb DDR3 1800Mhz

Any help here is welcome!

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  1. I read about Sleeve Bearing or Ball bearing fans which don't function well in vertical/horizontal position.
    I need 1 200mm and 1 120mm vertical and 2 200mm's horizontal.
    Is it such a big problem to get thesame CM megaflows for horizontal and vertical?
  2. I really need to know if the Mugen 2 revB will fit in my setup!

    Thanks ;)
  3. i think mugen 2 will fit in your setup(tightly i guess).you may also consider 212+ EVO.
    for case fans i am using coolermaster sickflows 120mm fans in thermaltake armour+ and they are very good performer IMO.they are quiet and cool.coolermaster megaflow 200mm fans are also good(my frined have in HAF X nvidia edition).
  4. K, going with the 3 x 200mm RED megaflow + 1 120mm red sickleflow :)

    Can anyone confirm that the mugen 2 rev. B will actually fit?

  5. why you want mugen 2 only?
  6. Because it is recommended by lots of people?
    Low price, excellent cooling and quietness?
  7. Vengeance ram is tall 52mm won't be a problem if you have 2x4gb and are only using 2 slots.
    They make low profile Vengeance kits if you ever wanted to add more ram.
    It's identical to the taller kits in everyway but made for HSF clearance issues.
  8. Because it is recommended by lots of people?
    Low price, excellent cooling and quietness?

    i know that mugen 2 is very good cooler but still its way too big.
    what about 212+ EVO.xellent cooler,killer looks,cooling,and reliablity,

    and this one will feasily fit in case too lol :sol:
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