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HI all.

It’s been years sense I have upgraded a computer or built one. My work had a few HP Compaq dc7600 Small Form Factor computers, brand new, sitting around and I was able to get a couple. I am installing some more memory and a video card. Memory is easy, but the video card, I’m not to sure on. This is where I need the help.

Here are the specs for the computer.

PCI Express x16 slot low-profile (2.5"), length (6.6")
240W power supply – Active PFC


I am not sure what card I can use in it. Can anyone give me a good idea? Suggest a good card that will play games ok. I don’t need 2983742937493749 FPS, just need it to run stuff like NWN2 ok.

I am not sure if a PCIe 2.0 x16 would work or not. Just don’t want to spend cash and have a card that I can’t use.

As you can tell by the specs, it is a Small Form Factor computer, so it will need to be a low profile card.

I play games, and yes, I know, it’s not a mega rig for games, but it’s what I have.

Budget, 100.00.

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  1. You'll probably want to upgrade your PSU. You might be able to get a ~$30 card to run on that PSU, but there's no guarantee.


    That's what I would recommend - assuming your PC will take normal sized power supply units, you might want to open it up to find out.
  2. I went through this same problem with my wifes slimline vostro last year. The best available low profile card (that i know of anyway as of 6 months ago) is the 9800GT here


    However thats not gonna run on your power supply. The next card down is the 9600GT, which here are 3


    Now they also are probably pushing your wattage. Ive read where people have run them on 250w psu's but I dont think Id take that chance unless you had a 45nm processor, at least 16A on your psu, and no extra cards

    Here is your best bet, the 4650


    The 4650 doesnt need an extra power connector and its been recommended on toms "best graphics card for the money" for 6 months. It should run most games at 1680x1050 pretty decent. Now the ones on newegg are DDR2 and they used to have DDR3 (which is what I bought) but I cant seem the find them. If you search for awhile you may be able to come across one. I do believe with your power supply the 4650 will be your best bet. The next step down would be a low profile 8600gt or 9500gt which are a bit outdated.

    For NWN2 you shouldnt need more than the 4650 running at 1680x1050. If you want anything higher you would need to upgrade your power supply, which isnt easy because slimlines dont take normal size psu's, and the only one ive ever come across thats decent is this one from seasonic


    This would run a 9600GT easy, and a 9800GT depending on your system. Whatever you choose good luck!
  3. Even with the 4650 he's going run into PSU problems. The card's speed honestly doesn't matter all that much, anything over a x1650 (the old radeon card) will probably be bottle necked by the P4 3.0ghz.
  4. maybe 6570 or 5570 or gt 630 and if your willing to spend more how about tf 300 its a psu and will fit and i know because im using a m91p sff
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