Advice Needed, Best CPU for Overclocking on an 1165 Platform Mobo

Hi all,

Need some advice please, im hoping to change my current CPU, i5-650. Ive basically designed the machine for the sole purpose of overclocking the crap out of something. Initial I built the PC for a friend but they didnt want it. Basic specs are

Asus Maximus Formula 3
Corsair H70 Block
4GB GSkill Trident
Asus GTX480
Thermaltake Toughpower 875W PSU

Ive managed to push the 650 to around 3.8 stable, but I was really thinking of buying a pre sandybridge i7 like the 870/875/880 etc.

My main reason being that with 650 and and built in GPU chips theres not much you can much around with apart from the multi.

So far with the 650 my cores never gone above 63 degrees so I know H70 is doing its job, but never managed to get to 4.0 stable, im thinking this is to do the chip having this inbuilt gpu and the inbuilt settings that go with rather then the chip itself, Does that make sense!

If you were in my situation, what would you do?????
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  1. Actually Id like to waste hours on end, getting the best out of my chip I guess what im tying to say is that it would be much more fun to OC an i7-875 then an I5-2500k. So am I right in saying the an 875 would be the best cpu to go for or is it just as hard to OC the new chips!?
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