External HDD is not accessible after using on TV

Hi, I have a 2TB HP simplesave hardrive with tons of movies on it. Yesterday I plugged my laptop (with external hardrive attached) into my television so i could watch a movie from the HDD on my tv. Now when i try to use the hardrive on my laptop alone, i noticed it has change from (H:) to local disk (I:) and when i plug it in a pop-up says:

(I: hardrive is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.

When i click it to try to access the files on it it says:

You need to format the disk in drive I: before you can use it.

And I cant format it because i would lose all my movies!! PLEASE HELPP!!!
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  1. It's likely you lost your partition. Does this find it?

  2. Could we see the partition table and boot sector with Microsoft's Sector Inspector?

    Extract the above archive to the one folder and execute the SIrun.bat file. The procedure will generate a report file named SIout.txt.
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