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I have a Xfx ATI 4870 1gb, and it runs well enough, except when I turn AA on... Or when I see a bunch of explosions, or when I turn a viewing distance way up. I built a new machine 3 or 4 days ago, and I was sure to buy a motherboard with 2 pci-e slots and a 600Watt psu (what Xfx says is enough). Would 4870 in Crossfire solve my problems, or should i save my $150 and buy a nice jacket?
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  1. What cpu are you using? What motherboard? What resolution? Any games in particular?

    I am running two 4870 512mb, a PII @ 3.8, and I never have any problems with everything nearly maxed out at 1920x1200. Also, are you using the 9.8 drivers?
  2. Not sure about the drivers, whatever was on the disk I guess. (that would change if I corssfired them obviously) I am using a PII X4 955, it's only at 3.2, but if I upgrade my PSU any time soon, I could overclock it to prevent a bottleneck. I doubt the CPU would bottleneck it though. My motherboard is an Asus 785G or something of the like, two PCI-e slots, DDR3 etc. Games include Mirror's edge, Empire Total War, Arma 2, Crysis etc., GTA IV possibly. I'm just looking to future proof as well. From what I hear, PCI-E 3.0 might be coming out soon, so if I can find out the release date, I'll wait til then to buy my PCI-e 2.0 when they do price cuts. Edit- Oh, and I'm going at 1680x1050, possibly upgrading to 1920x1080 in the near future.
  3. AA - well theres your problem, AA can kill a single card pretty quick, some games like left4dead no problem crank everything up, though games like crysis or GTA IV you have to back off a bit (this is at 1920x1080)
  4. That rig should be more than enough. Download the 9.8 drivers from the ATI website - they may help. Be sure to unistall your old drivers too. Driver Sweeper helps with that.
    I do know that if you turn off physX in Mirrors Edge, things will be much nicer for you (breaking glass won't drop to 3 fps). It took me a bit to figure that one out...
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