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Hi Everyone! I'm a newb with a question about hard drives. Currently I have a Seagate Barricuda 7200.11 16mb cache 250gb, and a Western Digital Cavier green 1.5tb.

I would like to keep my operating system and programs on a quick and efficient hard drive and use one for storage of music/movies and another for games.

I'd like to use the Seagate 250gb drive for the games, the WD 1.5tb for music/movies/storage. What would be a fast complimentary drive to put my OS and Programs on? Or am I better off buying a new drive for gaming and putting the OS and programs on the Seagate? I plan on playing games like Bio Shock 2, Crysis, Diablo 3.

My current System;

Antac 900 case,
EVGA 780i
Core 2 duo E8400 @ 3.6Ghz (400x9)
2 Zotac AMP! 8800GT SLI
8Gb SLI Ready OZC Ram
40" HD Samsung 550 tv for monitor
250Gb Seagate Barricuda 7200.11
1.5Tb Western Digital Caviar Green
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  1. What OS are you running?? What is your budget??

    If the OS is XP, Vista or Win 7:

    For OS and games you might want to consider the WD 640GB Black drive as an HD only solution. A very popular HDD and darn near as fast as a Velociraptor. Under $80.00 @ Newegg.


    OR -

    If the OS is Vista or Win 7 then:

    You may want to consider the new Kingston 40GB SSD (due to be released 11/09, $115.00 - $40.00 MIR) for your OS only (Yes, there are faster SSD's, but the Kingston would be a nice, inexpensive unit for the OS only) and the WD for games, or just keep the Seagate for games.
  2. Thanks, I was leaning towards the WD 640GB Black actualy, there really isn't much bad to say, and the reviews are great as far as speed go. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, and my budget is "the best deal I can get", I'm not concerned with cost too much, but want good bang for my buck. I think the WD Black is the way to go.

    Sounds like a good deal on the Kingston SSD, I'll have to look into that one as well! Thanks Again
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