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I am about to setup one of our building and they want wifi in one room that is used as a lab. This is a community center and looking for something that would be more business class for wifi than just a plain Linksys and etc, but if that is my best route I can do that. Any suggestions on what to look at or what to get? I have called and email Netgear and Cisco for support but heard nothing back yet. It will only be hosting about 12 laptops. And can anyone clear the difference between wireless access point and wireless router and which one do I really need to go with?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. The nomenclature used by various manufacturers for wireless products isn't totally standardised, so you someone can probably find an exception , but generally speaking a router will have a DHCP capability whereas an access point wouldn't.

    DHCP is used to control the LAN with the asignment of IP addresses etc.

    There is often some confusion between bridges and APs. Especially as many APs have a a bridging capability. A few years ago we would buy Routers, APs and bridges as separate items but it now makes more sense to buy wireless units which are multi-configurable and have a WDS or meshing capability

    Send me an email if you need more information.
  2. Thanks for the help!
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