System freezes

I am using an ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO motherboard and an AMD Athalon II X3 435 CPU with 4GB Mushkin 996652 RAM.
OS is Windows 7 64 bit.
the system boots up, runs for anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes and freezes. this requires a hard start most of the time although
it sometomes reboots on its own.
Can anyone help?
Any suggestions much appreciated.
John Cannell
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    Are you monitoring temperatures / voltages ?

    Look in BIOS for anything outta the ordiinary....if nothing shows, download OCCT and run torture tests while monitoring temps / voltage.
  2. Try this, go into BIOS, set your cd/dvd rom and the 1st boot device, have the windows recovery cd's in, and re-boot.
    This will let you reinstall windows. Let me know if this works
  3. Hi Slim. thank you for the sugestion. I got desperate last night, opened the BIOS and changed the RAM voltage from "auto" to manual and upped the voltage to 1.6volts. this seems to have solved the problem, but I'm going to keep your suggestion of a reinstallin my back pocket in case the voltage doesn't solve the problem in the long run. Much appreciated!
    John cannell
  4. Jack, as I mentioned to Slim, I did, indeed go into the BIOS and changed the voltage. this seems to have stabilised the system, but I will run OCCT as suggested.
    Much appreciated !
    John cannell
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