Stop: ox0000007b (oxf78d663c oxc0000034....


I have a new desktop pc that's come without an OS. I'm trying to load XP onto it but I'm getting the following error message:

stop: ox0000007b (oxf78d663c oxc0000034,...

Any idea's where I'm going wrong?

Thanks in advance....
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  1. What version of XP are you trying to load? If its an old one without any Service packs it may not have compatible drivers for the HDD
  2. Ah, good point- the folder has 'version 2002' written in the bottom right corner on the back. Useable, or not?
  3. Well, my copy of XP has SP2 and its dated 2002 but that may not have the requisite SATA drivers. I believe there is a method of slipping the drivers in alongside your Setup disk but not sure how.
  4. Hmmm, ok I'll give it a try tomorrow. I'll report back with results. Many thanks!
  5. Aslo have seen that stop code associated with Memory probs, might be worth bearing in mind...
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