Good non sli/crossfire mobo for intel core i5

What is a goon non sli/crossfire mobo for the Intel core i5 (1156)
I am looking in the $120 - $150 price range

any advice would be greatly appreciated

btw i am going to most likely be using ddr3 1600 ram

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    If you're not going to CF/SLI, aren't going to be pushing high OCs, and don't need a lot of expansion room - if you're looking for a good motherboard that is cheap - try the GA-P55M-UD2 for $105:

    If you want to do some reading on the micro's, here's a review from last October of the Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 and an ASRock mATX:

    And Tom's recently did one on those two mATX's plus an MSI and a Foxconn:,2524.html

    By the way - with an i5 you will not be able to run your RAM at 1600 MHz without OCing your CPU/chaning your BCLK. There are still good reasons to get 1600 RAM. For one, it may be cheaper than equivalent 1333 RAM. Also, while keeping it running at 1333 you might be able to tighten the timings or lower the voltage. Just wanted to make sure you knew it wouldn't run at 1600 unless you OC'd.
  2. thanks very much
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