I think my GPU's being bottlenecked

Motherboard - abit AN8-SLI
CPU - AMD Athlon X2 64-bit 3800+ (Socket 939, 2.0 GHz)
Memory - Super Talent DDR-400 PC3200 w/Heatspreaders (D32PB1GJ, 2x1GB)
Graphics - XFX Geforce 9800+ GTX Black Edition
OS - Windows 7 RC
Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB / 7200 RPM
Power Supply - PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750W Quad (Red)

As you can see, some of the parts of my system are quite outdated (namely the CPU, RAM and Motherboard). What I was wondering was whether or not this set up is holding back my relatively new graphics card, and if it is then it'd be great if you could post the minimum specs for a system which wouldn't be bottlenecking the GPU. Overclocking the CPU is out of the question, taking it up by just 100 MHz takes it up to dangerously high temperatures under stress (over 70 Celsius in OCCT). I'm thinking of maybe going for an i7, but I'm lost when it comes to choosing a motherboard. A Good AMD would be fine too, as I don't want to spend too much. The main thing I use this PC for is gaming, so If it can run Crysis at acceptable speds (~30 fps) then that would help.


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  1. what resolution do you want 30fps at?
  2. I run my PC at 1600 x 1200, but I usually take it down to 1280 x 1024 for Crysis. I forgot to mention that I would be likely to overclock the CPU and GPU.
  3. What potential budget do you have for an upgrade? Use FRAPS to measure your FPS at 1280x1024 and then at 1024x768, if you dont get a significant increase then your CPU is heavily bottlenecking your GPU.
  4. I'll test it out, and I'd be willing to spend around £400 at maximum.
  5. CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 720 Socket AM3
    MOBO:Asus M4A78T-E with Sideport Memory Socket AM3 AMD 790GX Chipset
    RAM: any ram with this 4gb (2x2gb) Ddr3 1600mhz Xms3 Memory Kit Cl (7-7-7-15)
    HSF: Scythe MUGEN-2 SCMG-2000 120mm cooler
    what case you using ? you could get the antec 300 wich is a great case
    that comes too £318 an crysis at high acceptable frames
  6. Obsidian, I would prefer to keep my current graphics card (which I shelled out £180 for :P)
  7. ^ you got ripped off.

    the 4890 slaps the GTS250 (the new name of your card) in the face and pretty much doubles the performance, it's only £140 as well.
  8. the xfx 4890 is £130
  9. ^ where from?

    edit: nvm, found it at scan, my mistake then I guess since I don't look at scan because of the high shipping rates to my area. (£70 for the smallest of things.)
  10. a 4890 rapes a 8800gtx aka 9800gtx akagts 250 yeah nvidia actually did all that
  11. from ebuyer.com
  12. I've never been familiar with AMD cards, so I wouldn't have known. :pfff:
  13. when did you buy the card? because you get can them for £80-£90 now.
  14. Maybe January or February, I'd been looking at the card for a while and then my old 7800GT finally gave out, so I had to anyway.
  15. buy that rig with pII x3 and after some time replace that gf with something dx11 capable. it's a waste of cash now.
  16. I will probably at some point. I'm Guessing a Phenom II X4 will work just as well in that set up?

    EDIT: I had a look at prices there, my card is still hovering around the £180 mark strangely enough.
  17. Just upgrading to Phenom II should let you run Crysis with your 9800GTX+ at that res, at least on high but perhaps not very high. Anyway it seems you don't really upgrade that often so by the time you get around to getting a second card it's not worth it. Because of that I say to get a board with a single PCI-E slot rather than spending more money on a crossfire or SLI board when you won't use them. A good 785G or 770 board with some DDR3 Ram and an overclocked Phenom II 720 BE or 550 BE would be the way to go for you.
  18. I am going for very high, I'd imagine a low end i7 can be overclocked to help me there?
  19. I have the results from Crysis Benchmark:

    Run #1- DX10 1024x768 AA=No AA, 64 bit test, Quality: VeryHigh ~~ Last Average FPS: 15.60

    Run #2- DX10 1280x1024 AA=No AA, 64 bit test, Quality: VeryHigh ~~ Last Average FPS: 15.36

    Run #3- DX10 1600x1200 AA=No AA, 64 bit test, Quality: VeryHigh ~~ Last Average FPS: 13.29

    Looks like some bottlenecking is definitely going on here.
  20. Yeah thats a CPU bottleneck if i ever saw one, you are going to need a significant CPU upgrade to make it up into the 30's
  21. Looks like I will need to upgrade then. Thanks everyone, you've been a real help.
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