External rad vs Internal + Modding

Hey guys, Im planning on building a new system with either an I5 2500k or an AMD Bulldozer (im no patriot) in a cm690 ii advanced/basic

Right now im trying to figure out my water-cooling system and would love some help.
The system will be cooling the CPU (heavy oc) and something like a 580 or equivalent. (also heavy oc)
I would also like the system to be compact and (decently) easy to move around.
A quiet system would be nice, but noise isn't a huge concern as long as it stays reasonable.

Without modding i would be using an external 360 and 2x 240s in the top and bottom inside the case.
My concern is that the external rad will be a weak-point and make it hard to transport.

With mods, I would cut the top for either a 360 or a 480 internal rad.
I have plenty of power tools and know how to use them, but I'm wondering if its more trouble then its worth.

Here is a reference picture I found

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  1. A lot of people mount rads being one of them. You would be OK as long as you took care to make sure the mounts were all solid, etc. and you didn't have any tubing and such that would really snag or get pulled. Otherwise, its a matter of personal preference.
  2. ^+1 to the external posse hehe
    two options that immediately come to mind are:

    Permanent fixture
    mount 360 on roof, held in place by legs/ brackets and hoses are fed through holes in roofpanel
    mount directly on outside of sidepanel, using Qdc's for when you require access to the interior

    temporary fixture
    same as above but use quickdisconnect connectors on the lines so you can remove the rad (maybe carry it seperately in a bootbag or similar to protect it)

    to be fair though a decent 360+240 should be able to handle the heat even from 'heavily OC'd gear', the extra 240 is overkill in a fashion but I never let practicality get in the way of a good mod hehe :)
  3. A 360+2x240s would probably run an OCed 2500K + 2x480s ice cold ;)

    The only issue I could see with the exterior mounted 360 on top and an interior 240 on top is the tubing - logistically, it'd be a pain to set up and disconnect (if you needed to). I'd probably vouch for the side-mounted option.

    That's right...I just pulled out the Nova 1080 card and dropped all my chips on the table.
  5. rubix_1011 said:

    That's right...I just pulled out the Nova 1080 card and dropped all my chips on the table.

  6. That was my next build, five of those in cube formation and an acrylic front,
    I wont bother now you let the cat out of the bag :P
  7. If you had 5 of those in a row, upside down, you could have your very own Hoverboard.

    (using Deltas, of course, goes without saying)
  8. Rather have the Delorean though :-)
  9. Im probably gonna have a window on the side if that matters so i don't know if the side rad would be a problem. I was thinking i could cut the sidepanel horizontally 2/3 of the way down and make it semi-fixed for a rad and then the top half would be removable with a window. This build will probably be a compact build that I take everywhere and use all the time and internal seems the most durable.

    @moto how would one slim 240, one thick 120, and a thick 240 cool that sort of system? that's almost a 360 + 240
  10. Just realized i said 480 in the OP. I meant 580, just changed it.
  11. You have two sides on a case, could always mount it on the back side if the window sides a no-go :-)
    For a 580 and Oc, that suggestion would work but I'd think the slim unit wasn't needed then tbh, how about two 240's thick ones ofc?
  12. @Moto
    Could you point me to some build logs with rads put in the back side of the case?

    I like that idea... saves space for a pretty res inside! :D
  13. I have my rads mounted on the back of my case:

    Pretty simple...
  14. Two 360s, what kind of hardware are you cooling?
  15. Just checked out Boilers log... Maybe the same can be done with a fortress ft02?
  16. Q6600 @ 3.4ghz, 2x GTX 260 core 216's. Old, I know, but still runs like a champ.
  17. Im starting to think the best way to do this, would be to mount a thick 240 through the ceiling of the case and another thick 240 on the floor. Only modding would be cutting a bit of the top panel. Fans will be GTs push/pull at 1800 rpm. Will that be enough cooling if bulldozer clocks as much as it seems? (assuming I buy bulldozer)
  18. blessedreport said:
    Just checked out Boilers log... Maybe the same can be done with a fortress ft02?

    I've seen similar things done in the FT02, since it's almost exactly the same interior layout but with some nicer features (sound absorbing foam, full metal chassis, etc.)

    I came across a few builds just by googling them.
  19. So many different build log ideas..... I really need to make up my mind :P
  20. Would a pair of rx 480's be a sure thing for an oc'd i52500k and a pair of 570's ?
  21. Please do not hijack another forum thread with your question...please open a new thread so we can address your questions without confusion with that of the OP.

    FYI, this thread has been idle for over 4 months.

    Closing. - Please open a new thread with your question...thanks.
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