Pentium d 840 overclock

guys i want to overclock my pentium d 840 3.2ghz 2mb cache with clock gen software but it aks what is the pll of your cpu what is the pll fpr pentium d 840
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  1. The PLL is a component on the motherboard. Who makes your PLL (ICS, Phase Link, CMedia, TI, etc.)?
  2. my motherboard is d955xcs and processor is pentium d 840 so what will be my pll for overclock?
  3. You'll have to check on the motherboard and locate it or search the Internet to find out which one is used. However it apparently isn't one that's supported by CPUFSB. On the other hand, the d955xcs apparently has overclock settings in the BIOS; why not use them? No matter what you try, you can't overclock that much.
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