Micro-SATA SSD ... compatibility with SATA?

I bought a new Kingston 64GB SSD that has a Micro-SATA connector. I'm trying to connect it to my PC with an adapter (DELTACO Micro-Sata -> SATA) but the drive does not register in BIOS, nor in Windows, like my other drives do.

I tried 4 different PC's now, and none of them sees the drive. Maybe the adapter or the drive is broken. But I wonder if there could be another explanation? Could it be that Micro-SATA needs a special PSU to work? Or a special chipset?
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  1. You need to format new drives before they will be recognized by the system. Same with SSDs too.
  2. Ubrales said:
    You need to format new drives before they will be recognized by the system. Same with SSDs too.

    OP says it's not detected in the bios, so it won't show up in windows and you won't be able to initialize it.

    Micro-sata and sata both use the ATA protocol so I don't think it needs a special chipset. I guess the adapter might not be handling the signaling correctly.
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    OP states that drive "does not register in BIOS." So it can't be formatted.

    Easiest tests: 1) Try another microSATA drive with same connector, or
    2) buy a connector from a company with a wider reputation and try that.
    Odds are that either the drive or the connector be wonky.
    Dumb question: Did you connect the power lead of said adapter to power?


    Got it. Our user "hop" wrote:
    Any links to Micro-Sata to Sata connection with Molex 4 pin is wrong, you'll need this: [...] apter.html

    Micro-Sata needs 3.3 volt, and all molex cables supply 5 and 12 volts. This setup requires no power conversion as SATA power cable supports 3.3, 5, and 12 volt. Check the Wiki on SATA. The above is the cleanest you can get in terms of conversion.

    See this thread:
  4. Yes guys, I missed that!

    I hope that this is not being used as an external device. A point to note is that these connectors are not designed for repetitive plug/unplug. Some SATA connectors have a life of 50 plug/unplug cycles (motherboard SATA cables). And when the manufacturer says 50, it usually means something like 25!
  5. Thanks guys for your input!

    Ubrales: I'm not using it externally. Thanks for letting me know about the life expectancy of SATA connectors.

    WyomingKnott: I'm going to try another microSATA adapter from the same brand (the only one sold in shops here)... Almost nobody in my country knows what microSATA is, and I didn't know either, until I bought the drive by mistake. (Was looking for a normal 2.5" SSD)
  6. Turned out the converter was simply defect. Now with the replacement (same brand) the drive works like a charm.
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