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1. What would be the approximate desktop equivalent of an ATI Mobility HD 4570 for laptops? I'm more familiar with NVidia's lineup than with ATI/AMD's, but a comparison with ATI desktop GPUs is also fine if that's more convenient.

2. Where can I find good comparisons of current desktop IGPs? I've not been able to find it on Tom's Hardware.

And please, no wisecracks about how it doesn't matter because all IGPs are crap :) It does matter to a lot of people. Many of my clients are on very tight budgets and they rely on me to decide on the best configuration within their budget. I always consider a careful balance of price and performance, but it's sometimes difficult to find comarative benchmarks for IGPs.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Check this hierarchy chart.,2387-7.html

    It is being updated monthly.
  2. ^ The HD 4570 is a very good chip...It is roughly comparable to the ATI HD 3450 desktop version...
    It can very well handle 1080p playback and can play some games too...But it more depends on what card you are comparing this too...

    2. You can get a good comparison from the charts here @ Toms...,1.html
  3. Check this link, they give the info you are looking for:
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