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I purchased a xfx nvidia 750i motherboard and was wondering what graphics cards that I should be looking at to put into sli mode. Will it support ddr3 graphics cards, because I was looking at getting a pair of 9800 gt at 1 gb on each gpu. And will a 650 watt psu be enough? I have a q9400 2.66 ghz proc with 6mbs cache, a large cooler master case, 2X7200 rpm 500 gig hdds and 2X2gb sticks of ram running windows 7 64bit
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    yeah that psu will have the bandwith to handle those 2 9800 gt's ,and it really doesnt matter the memory of the graphics because it's integrated on the gpu not the system,
    so no issues there its a (nice gaming rig) you are making!
  2. thanks a lot cant wait!!! ordering on friday!!!
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  4. Is this motherboard able to do Crossfire? :S Thanks!
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