Did first OC kill my first build? :*(

Ok let me start off with my pc parts

CPU I5 2500K
GPU Superclocked EVGA GTX580
RAM Corsair Vengeance 4Gx2 CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B
Cooler Corsair H100
Case 600T SE

Ok so the build went along fine the pc was working pretty well the only thing I had changed in the BIOS was I disabled the Marvel ports and something else that was interfering with a clean start up (PC would reboot like 3 times before loading windows but this fixed it). I was running a modest auto oc with the AI suite of 4.3ghz.

Then I decided to try out a manual oc of 4.5ghz, these are the changes I made in BIOS.

Ai Overclock Tuner - Manual
BCLK/PEG Frequency - 100
Turbo Ratio: 45
Memory Frequency - 1600mhz
CAS Latency - 9
RAS to CAS Delay - 9
RAS Pre Time - 9
RAS ACT Time - 24
DRAM Command Mode - 2 (the guide I used actually had this as 1T, but I don't really know what this does so I left it at 2. The only numbers I could find on my ram were the timings above)
Load-Line Calibration - Auto
CPU Voltage - Manual Mode
CPU Manual Voltage - 1.25v
DRAM Voltage - 1.5v
PLL Overvoltage - I left on auto, the guide advised to disable it but I could not see how. I could only increase the value or lower it all the way until it became auto.

Then I tested it out using Prime95 while checking CPU-Z, Coretemp, and Realtemp. Everything ran perfect for an hour at 4.5ghz, the core temps hovered around 55c and only one core reached 60c momentarily, I received no errors from Prime95. My idle temps were a solid 33c and with some heavy gaming sessions the temps stayed mid to low 40's. I was so happy all I needed was an Adriana Lima wallpaper to make my first build truly complete.

Then I was ready for bed and put my pc in sleep mode through the start menu, as I was heading towards my room the pc turned on by itself. I went to check what happened but nothing showed up on my monitor and my kb/m had no power! Not even the power or reset buttons on my case were responding, so I held the power button on the mobo until it shut off.

When I turned it back on the cpu led flashed once and the Dram Memok led stayed solid with nothing showing up on my monitor and only my mouse showing it had power (I could tell because it lights up). I held down the Memok button until the lights started flashing and the pc seemed to reboot, but still came back to the same thing with the Memok led staying solid and nothing else responding.

Can any one please help me out this is my first build and I can honestly say I'm totally lost in what to do next :(

I'm think it has to do with not having the pll overvoltage disabled, but I'm not even sure how to disable it or how to get back into bios lol.
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  1. Clear the CMOS and start over. Check your manual if you've never done it before.

    Post back if you have any problems.
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